Making an Aluminum Lantern










This lantern is made out of disposable aluminum oven liner. This craft requires adult supervision if it is done with children.

You need:

  • A disposable aluminum oven liner
  • A hammer
  • Scissors, fingernail scissors and a ruler
  • A utility knife, and chisels (optional)
  • Different size nails 
  • An battery tealight or wax tea candle
  • An old, flat piece of wood bigger than 10” x 6” to hammer on.


1. Use scissors to cut in quarters. Cut off the rim of the aluminum tray and then use a rolling pin to flatten out the bottom piece.









2. Use scissors to cut the piece to a rectangle of 10” x 6”. You can use a utility knife to mark the lines with a ruler.

3. Fold over the long sides ¼” to the inside to secure the edges. To do this, mark the folding line with a utility knife. Be careful not to cut through the aluminum.











4. Use the same method to fold the sides: on one side, fold ½” to the inside and on the outside, fold  ½” to the back.

5. For the handle, cut two 1” slits at the top of the rectangle using the fingernail scissors.









6. Use leftover aluminum to cut a rectangle of 1.5” x 5”. Fold in the edges.







7. Using the pencil, draw a pattern to the inside of the lantern.


Creating the pattern

Put the sheet on the piece of wood. Use a hammer and nails or the chisels to hammer holes into the aluminum sheet. After each hole, remove the nail and make another hole about ¼” apart. Repeat making holes to create a pattern. Be creative in using different size nails or different shaped chisels.

Finishing the lantern

  1. Carefully close the short sides by folding the edges together and pressing the foil. The pattern piercings should be on the outside of the lantern. If you make some holes at the side, you can secure the closing line with wire. Use a 12 oz can or bottle to round out the lantern from the inside.
  2. Slide the handle through the slits. Secure the handle by folding it over the top edge and back down.
  3. Wait until dark, light your candle and enjoy seeing the pattern you made.