Sue Kowalski

  Sue Kowalski is the Hyland House’s resident hearth cook educator. She has been educating the town’s 4th graders for the Early Guilford Days Program for the past 20 years. In addition, she created a comprehensive Hearth Cooking Program using 18th Century recipes educating the public via demonstrations, cooking classes (complete with informational packets for students) and dinners. She also takes “Hearth Cooking on the Road” to the private colonial homeowner and their guests offering them this unique hands-on experience in their own hearth.

In 2010 Sue became a docent and continues to share her vast knowledge today. She is an avid reader and loves research. Sue and colleague, Katherine Frydenborg, worked on a three year in-depth research project marking the museum’s 100th anniversaries of: the formation of the Dorothy Whitfield Historical Society(DWHS); its founders, the early “Dorothies”; their efforts in the Saving and Restoration of the Hyland House – biographies of all those involved; and a Timeline leading up to the opening of the Hyland House as a Museum. Pamphlets, exhibits, signs and docent guide cards were generated to promote the museum. She continues to research to this day for the museum’s website.  In addition, she is an integral part of the Event Planning Team – developing, coordinating and sometimes executing summer events.

Her lifelong love of American History, children of all ages, and hearth cooking, makes for a perfect fit for the Hyland House Museum. Sue is a retired Teacher of the Deaf & Hearing Impaired and Multi-Handicapped having taught both in N.Y. and Ct. She has been a Guilford resident for 37 years.