A Witness Stone for Candace

The Hyland House has been hosting and supporting the Guilford Witness Stones Project and Witness to History: Slavery in Guilford whose missions are to restore the history and to honor the humanity and contributions of the enslaved individuals who helped build our communities.

One of the first witness stones was integrated into the pavement in front of the Hyland House during a ceremony on November 3, 2017.

Our witness stone commemorates the life of Candace, an enslaved woman who joined the household of  Ebenezer and Anne Parmelee in 1771 through the will of the late Ruth Naughty who had lived on 1 Park Street.

Candace served the Parmelee family until she was freed in 1789. Find out more about her family tree , her parents and siblings as well as learn about what her life would have been during a tour through the Hyland House admission hours.